You Must Know the Tricks of the Trade.

Running a profitable business requires a knowledge of the tricks of the trade.

They are not really tricks, but processes that dramatically increase the profitability of a business and its value.

Most financial people have no idea what the tricks of the trade are; they are essentially bookkeepers, as all they do is report what has happened.

Pricing, for example, is the single most powerful profit driver, two to five times more powerful than any other driver. But it is something most companies don’t even track – even in this inflationary environment – because their finance person doesn’t bother.

Some companies have potential for profit increases through pricing. I helped a packaging company hire an individual who implemented value-based pricing, which allowed them to increase prices by over one percent per year.

The company’s stock price more than tripled.

Companies need to use a process or processes that are appropriate for their business. I have a track record of helping companies hire and retain financial professionals who have added from $100,000 to $100 million annually to their bottom line, just as the packaging company did.

Please reach out to me, if you are interested in talking about how your company can use these processes to increase your company’s bottom line.

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