Would You Spend 10 Minutes to Make Your Business More Successful?

By Rich Bond

When I worked in sales for Seagram, I developed my own methodology for evaluating distributors. On my initial visit, I asked for a tour of the facility and specifically looked at the loading dock and the coffee room. If the loading dock was dirty and the coffee room had salespeople in it smoking and drinking coffee, it gave me a good idea good idea of how ineffective our sales programming efforts would be. I would still work with that distributor but approached our working relationship in a very different fashion from those who gave me a positive impression.

After 30+ years as a recruiter and two years of running a family business, it doesn’t take me very long to assess a potential client’s finance function. The methodology is almost as simple as my quick distributor analysis.

I’ve developed a scorecard that in only 10 minutes can tell you if your finance function is helping or hurting your business.

If our assessment is negative, then we can discuss alternative strategies to fix the problem. This could include remedial coaching, or in some cases, replacing the head financial person – a controller, CFO, or director of finance.

How would you like to spend 10 minutes with me and my scorecard to see how your finance function is affecting your business – and your bottom line?

Shoot me a message on LinkedIn; email me at Richard.bond@bondandcompany.com; or text me at: 203-216-0618.


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