Why I (Rich Bond) Feel I’ve Had a Rich Career

By Rich Bond

Looking back, I realize that I am glad I quit the corporate world, left my family’s business, and became a financial recruiter.

It’s been satisfying in particular because I have helped companies and individuals achieve great results in what were previously considered losing propositions.

I placed a new president at a failing nonprofit organization with $5 million in revenue that now does over $50 million. The organization even had one of their programs featured on “60 Minutes.”

Another individual I placed developed a new pricing process that increased prices by over 1%/year, which led to a tripling of the company stock price.

More importantly, I helped companies and individuals find roles that became winning situations for all. Over 50% of the people I’ve placed are still with that organization after five years.

I have also had a lot of freedom to work when I wanted and with whom I wanted. So I have had time for my family and volunteer work, which are both very important to me.

Yes, there have been troubles and low points, but I am glad I became a recruiter.

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