Why Do Most People Hired as Change Agents Fail?

My experience has shown me that over 80% of the workforce are people who are in essence “maintainers.” They are great at what they do, but they don’t do change.

Many of the people I have recruited over the years have been change agents.

When recruiting change agents, I look for people with “Quantified Accomplishments,” like “reducing the monthly financial close from 10 days to five days.”

The advantage to my clients is that when they hire someone with QAs, these individuals normally more than pay for themselves. They have improved profits by $100,000 to $100 million/year. I have documented proof.

If you want to hire more than a maintainer, think about these statistics regarding the people I have placed:

Over 50% of these individuals are with that organization after five years.

Close to 100% of these individuals have been promoted at least once.

I have documented the process I use – Smarter Search – on my website, or you can call me if you want to talk about a specific role that you want to hire a change agent for.

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