Who’s Going to Use that Fancy New Finance Software?

By Rich Bond

I just got an ad for a new finance software package. It claims it can take your finance person from a bookkeeper to an accountant to a CFO. That’s quite a trajectory.

Software packages are often sold as “solutions” to your problems. But I believe that finance and progress are driven by individuals and not software.

In many instances something like a finance or accounting package is necessary for allowing disparate systems to “talk” to each other or to have one place where everything is pulled together. But alone, it is not sufficient to drive transformative change. Software is a tool that is only as good as the person using it.

Think: Garbage in. Garbage Out.

Only the right people, who take the time to get out of their offices to get to know the people, the problems, and the heart of the business can transform your business into one that thrives in all sorts of circumstances.

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