What Will Be Your Travel Style in 2023?

By Rich Bond

After a couple of years stuck at home, I think we’re all ready to pack our bags and hit the road again…

My parents always took the “If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium” approach to travel, but my wife and I prefer a more leisurely pace.

Instead of frantically hopping from city to city, we spend 8-10 days in one European destination, renting a centrally located apartment and getting to know the locals like true insiders.

Who needs tour buses when you’ve got great public transportation and a hearty appetite for local cuisine?

And who says you can’t make new friends while on vacation?

Just ask the lucky guy we met at a food festival in Lisbon, whom we serenaded with “Happy Birthday” after he invited us to his home.

So, what’s your travel style for 2023? Fast-paced or slow and independent?


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