What Should You Do When Your Company Gets a New CEO?

This article from CNBC says that while “the great resignation” is over for workers, many of the top people are now leaving.


Over 1,400 CEOs have stepped down from their positions between January and September of this year, almost a 50% rise from the 969 resignations last year.

When I worked at Seagram, Phil Beekman was hired as president, bringing with him lots of people and ideas, mainly about savings programs.

One Friday night at about 7 p.m. in the sauna at local health club, Phil tapped me on the shoulder with a question about costs.

I explained to Phil that the largest liquor cost was tax, which everybody had to pay at the same rate and suggested that a better strategy than cutting costs would be to promote the most profitable items in the Seagram portfolio.

Beekman took my comments to heart as the right strategy to turn the company around, and I got promoted several times.

I encourage employees to engage with the new CEO to learn more about what s/he wants to do and make constructive comments.

A new CEO could be a great opportunity for a motivated employee.  Let me know if you have had a similar experience.



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