What About Me?

By Rich Bond

Today, almost everyone seems to be saying, “What about me?” (WAM)

Sometimes, WAM can seem petty, but one group whom I believe deserves to ask the question is business owners.

As a business owner, you are responsible for everyone and everything, no matter how big or small.

In the two years I ran my family’s business, I was amazed by the demands of the job, even having to go into the office at 2:00 a.m. when the burglar alarm went off.

You could be thinking, “I have invested heavily in my business, but I am not seeing a monetary return or getting personal satisfaction. The business is running me.”

In other words, “What about me? What am I getting out of the business?”

Maybe it’s time to stop and take some time to figure out what’s really going on and how to make your life as an owner better.

What skills do you think your business could be lacking?

When I took over my family business, I saw it was well run, but lacked a broad-based sales effort. I put my recent experience running a 10-state sales territory for Seagram to good use. Sales and profits more than doubled in the two years after I joined. My skills and strengths were what the business needed.

My father had been a Corporate Controller for 25 years and hated sales. But most business owners have little experience in finance.

I have helped many businesses hire and retain finance people (CFOs, Controllers, Head of Finance) with hugely rewarding results for both the businesses and the business owners.

If you are unhappy about the return you are getting from your business, I’d love to talk to you to see if I can help you to become a happier business owner.

You’d be able to stop asking, “What about me?”

Reach out to me. In 10 minutes or less, I can help you determine if it’s finance that is holding your business back.



When my family decided to sell our business so my father, brother, and I could go in different directions, we were able to get a lot more money for it than would have been previously possible.









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