Want to Make Your Company More Profitable? Try Making a Budget. 

By Rich Bond

I’ve been amazed to discover that less than half the business owners I’ve met have a budget for their business.

Even worse, many who do have a budget, have unrealistic projections.

One of the most valuable tools a business can have is a budget because it forces an organization to think about where it is going as well as what its strengths and weaknesses are.

A good finance person can help lead your organization to develop a budget that can make your company more profitable over time.

He or she can also help set you up to increase the value of your business, if you’re thinking of selling it.

Most private equity and other company purchasers use a discounted cash flow model to establish a valuation.  If do not have control over your cash flow, you need to start now.  This is also an area where the right finance person can make a huge difference.

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