90% of what other recruiters do does not work. We take a contrarian approach.

Most recruiters never ask the question, “Why are you here?”

Most recruiters accept what people say at face value. Studies have shown traditional interviews have a predictive value of ~10 percent. In other words, you wind up hiring the bad, while screening out the good. (See our Blog on Behavioral Interviewing.)

Results-Based Recruiting is different because it works.

Results-Based Recruiting

  • Like any other asset your company invests in, you want to make an intelligent choice that will lead to greater growth and profitability.
  • Results-based recruiting focuses on quantified accomplishments. We screen candidates on the basis of what they have achieved, not what they say they’ve done. We will only pass a candidate on to you who we believe is so qualified that he or she is a capable of being promoted. In fact, virtually everyone we have placed at an organization who has been there five of more years has been promoted.
  • Unlike other recruiters, we target people who are looking for a career opportunity, not just a new job. Over 50% of the people we have placed are still with the hiring organization after five years.
  • While our process initially takes more involvement, we guarantee we will save you time and help you hire people who will add to your bottom line, drive positive change, and be able to grow with your organization.
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  • Found a controller for a company with sales of $30 million who reduced inventories by over $1 million in his first year, while increasing the on-time order fill rate from 85% to 90%.
  • Recruited a pricing leader who helped a multi-billion public packaging company increase prices by 1%/year, helping to triple the price of the company stock.
  • Placed a credit card professional at a transportation company who saved over $2 million (10% of the budget) without affecting customer service, and while meeting PCI requirements.