Ready, Fire, Aim!

By Rich Bond

If you’re like most people, you probably get very excited about hiring someone you believe can come in and raise productivity and make you look like a hero. Many hiring managers get so enthusiastic that they fall prey to a common mistake I call “Ready, Fire, Aim!”

Over the 40 years that I’ve worked in corporations, run my own business, and been a recruiter, I, too, have made a lot of mistakes. But I’ve also learned from those mistakes. They led me to develop a more effective way to go about hiring. I call it Smarter Search.

Smarter Search can help you overcome the tendency toward: Ready, Fire, Aim!

The first step in Smarter Search is to Define Success. Here’s a story about how defining success worked for a medium-sized business. Take a listen:  Smarter Search.

I’d love to know what you think about Smarter Search and the story. Give me a call at 203-221-3233 or email me at

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