My word is my BOND.

My name is Rich Bond.

And I like to think that my name is also my bond.

Did you know that the merchants of the 1500s believed in the principle of your word being your bond before there were written contracts? It allowed the merchants to conduct business. The concept even goes back to ancient biblical times (you can look it up).

I have 40+ years of experience as corporate executive, the general manager of a family business, and a recruiter.

Most of my career has involved me proving to disbelievers that finance done right can make their businesses grow faster and generate greater profits.

Today, I am reaching out to business owners with a no-risk offer:

  • If we decide to work together to replace your lead finance person, I am offering you a one-year, money-back guarantee on my services.

If you are curious about my offer, reach out to me to set up a 30-minute call, so I can help you determine if your finance function is helping or hurting your business.

If your finance function is hurting your business, we can discuss alternative strategies to remediate the situation.

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