Most Hiring Processes Don’t Work!

By Rich Bond

I really love this article “How to Design a Better Hiring Process” in The Harvard Business Review because the author, Alexander Haimann, acknowledges that the hiring practices at most companies are flawed. Most people look at only the cost of making a hire. They don’t look at how long the person who is hired stays or even if they contribute to the organization.

Haimann suggests a different approach to hiring and interviewing. At his company, Less Annoying CRM, they’ve developed an innovative gauntlet of tasks and interactions candidates must complete in order to make it through the hiring process. Of course, their process is focused on technology and software, their area of expertise.

As a financial recruiter, I have found that most companies use a process that doesn’t work because it’s based on untargeted broadcasting and job descriptions.  Over the past 30+ years, I’ve developed a 5-step process I call “Smarter Search.” It is tailored to the company and the position, resulting in hiring managers seeing fewer, more qualified people.

The outcomes have been striking.  Over 50% of the professionals we have placed are still with that organization after five years, and close to 100% of the longer-tenured employees have been promoted at least once.

Please reach out to me if you are interested in learning how a customized approach to hiring can pay big dividends for your company.  What Andrew Haimann did for his own company, I can help you do for yours.

Here’s a link to the HBR article:

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