Looking for a New Job? Actions Speak Louder than Words! 


By Rich Bond

In a job search, actions speak louder than words!

You are probably scratching your head wondering what I mean and why it is relevant.

As a financial recruiter, the vast majority of the resumes I see are essentially a listing of that person’s job responsibilities, which are just WORDS.

I get excited when I see a resume where the person talks about what he or she has accomplished, which are ACTIONS.

What do I mean, and how does this relate to you?  Below are examples of a responsibility and an accomplishment:

“I prepare the monthly reporting package and answer management inquiries.”

“I reduced the time to complete the financial reporting package from 14 days to 9 days.”

You don’t get fired if you do what you are responsible for, but you don’t get promoted either.

My clients want to hire people with accomplishments, as they want to drive positive change.

If you want to move into a bigger, better job, reach out to me.  I’d be particularly excited about speaking to you if your resume has some good accomplishments. richard.bond@bondandcompany.com.

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