It’s Not You.  Knowing When to Quit or Fire Your Finance Person.

By Rich Bond

I strongly encourage you to read this article by a Wharton professor on the wisdom we can learn from professional card players – “It’s Not You — It’s Your Goals: Knowing When to Quit.”

The pros say the difference between amateur card players and professional card players often is knowing when to quit.  The pros feel amateurs are over-committed to winning, which often leads to predictable defeat.

If your business has not been able to grow both the top line and the bottom line, I am not suggesting you quit.  You do, however, have other options open to you.

I have a 7-question assessment tool that takes 10 minutes or less to complete that will allow you to determine if your finance person is helping or hurting your business.

If your finance person is hurting your business, I can discuss alternative remediation strategies, including a confidential replacement of this person.

Think about what the professional card players say about amateurs, and reach out to me if you want to assess your options.

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