Is Your Treasury Function Slipping Into Back-Office Oblivion?

Is the treasury function in your company slipping toward back-office oblivion?

Treasury can be a hugely powerful force in helping a company grow profitably.

The trouble is that the treasury groups deal primarily with organizations outside of the company. These are entities that no one else in finance or other corporate functions deal with, know about, or understand.

This situation can be a big minus that makes treasury a “secret” few internal people know about, leading to poor visibility with management and fewer resources or consideration than the function could or should receive.

But you can turn the minus into an opportunity, particularly if you, as a treasury person, start to work internally with as many other corporate departments as possible and learn to serve as a “strategic business partner” to senior management.

Over the years I have placed close to 100 people in the treasury niche. And I have seen many of them making some great contributions to their organizations and receive the recognition they deserved.

I have documented eight things you can do to get out of your traditional, siloed role and become a strategic partner to management. They are all a white paper – You can download at no obligation; I won’t even get your email.

Please let me know if you agree or disagree with what I am saying.

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