Is Your ERP System Like a Ferrari that Never Gets Out of First Gear?

By Rich Bond

Many companies have invested in, or are considering investing in, an ERP system.  A recent article in the Corporate Finance Brief blog (How Much Does It Cost to Implement an ERP System?) points out that ERP systems are now affordable for many small to middle-sized companies.

My experience tells me the ERP system for most companies is less important than the people who use the system. Many companies install or upgrade their ERPs but continue to have the same staff. This is like buying a Ferrari to go to church and go grocery shopping and never figuring out how to get out of first gear.

For less than $200,000 in most geographies, a company can hire a financial professional who has a track record of making an ERP system run like a Ferrari driven by a professional racer.

The cost of the financial talent is small compared to the software but is a vital ingredient for success.

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