Is Your Controller/CFO the Silent Saboteur of Your Hard-Earned Profits?

By Rich Bond

Numerous business owners have confided in me about their unease with their finance personnel, yet they struggle to pinpoint the exact reason.

A truly exceptional finance professional should be an asset, generating cost savings and profit enhancement strategies that far outweigh their own salary.

However, many finance experts in privately owned businesses fall short of this ideal, merely recounting past events instead of providing valuable insights. Essentially, they become a burden rather than a benefit.

While they may not be pilfering your funds in the literal sense, these underperforming finance professionals are stealing from you in a more subtle, figurative manner.

Over the years, we’ve helped our clients recruit and retain finance dynamos who have contributed anywhere from $100,000 to a staggering $100 million annually to their companies’ bottom lines.

Eager to uncover the secrets behind hiring high-impact finance professionals? Simply send me a DM (203-216-0618), and I’ll share with you five riveting case studies that showcase how the financial stars we’ve placed have propelled businesses like yours to new heights, well surpassing the investment made in hiring them.

I can also help you determine if your current finance person is secretly siphoning away your hard-earned profits.

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