Is Finance Fun?

Is Finance Fun?

Most people groan when I ask this question. I’ve gotten the same reaction throughout my business career, both as the general manager of a $5 million business and as a recruiter.

Most non-financial people regard finance as an arduous ordeal, which to a certain extent it is. But understanding finance can be illuminating, inspirational, and transformative.

Finance is like coaching. There are lots of bad coaches and trainers. A limited number of finance people can help you reach your goal.

If you have an objective like running a 10K in less than 50 minutes or getting a single-digit handicap in golf, achieving your goal takes lots of practice and hard work – plus a good coach.

If you have a goal of growing your cash flow and profits, I would use my experience, both good and bad, to help you find the finance person who can help you reach your goals.

• I placed a new pricing person at a packaging company that was perennially on the list of the 10 worst managed companies in America.

• He was able to set up a system that generated price increases of over one percent per year. As a result, the price of the company stock more than tripled.

The fun in finance is in the results not the journey. Please reach out to me if you want to talk about how finance can help you and your company have fun and succeed.



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