Is Corporate Treasury Finally Waking Up? The Coming Effects of the Great Resignation

By Rich Bond

Over the past several years, there has been little movement in corporate treasury staffing. But now, it seems that treasury could be like a bear emerging from hibernation and joining the Great Resignation – the mass migration of workers out of their jobs, looking for something better. Four million people voluntarily left their employers in November 2021, alone.

According to The Wall Street Journal, business leaders across industries say their toughest challenge is attracting talent when workers are quitting their jobs in record numbers. Will your company – specifically your treasury department – be facing the same challenge?

For most recruiters, internal or external, treasury recruiting basically amounts to “On-the-Job Training” – an exercise that is both time consuming and unproductive. But over the years, my firm has filled 80+ roles in this niche market. In doing this, we’ve developed some proprietary techniques that we use to find people who will contribute to the bottom line, work as valued strategic partners to management, and be good enough to be promoted. (I can provide numerous case histories of successful placements.)

I believe that finding people will be more time consuming and difficult than you ever imagined in the coming months, particularly if you are looking for someone junior, where there is a huge demand and a limited supply. If you want beat the mad rush, please reach out to me now to develop a strategy for attracting treasury talent that will make your job easier and not harder.

Email me at Or you can text or call me 203-216-0618.

It is not a matter of “if” you will be facing a recruiting problem, but “when”. Let’s talk now. I would love to work with you.


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