If You Own a Business, Will You Really Enjoy Your Vacation?

By Rich Bond

If you’re like the majority of business owners, you probably feel that going on vacation is like playing Russian roulette. So either you worry the whole time you’re away, or you just don’t take one, even though research shows that vacations are good for you and consequently for your business.

After setting up his temporary help business, my father was able to take my mother on extended overseas vacations of up to a month. Virtually every time he came back to a significant gain in the business.  He never found that a serious calamity had cropped up while he was away.

Could that be the case for you?

My father had been a corporate controller for 25 years before he went into business for himself. His previous experience equipped him to take care of potential problems before they arose.

But in most privately held businesses, the controller or other head financial person doesn’t provide the type of information you need to have the confidence to leave the business for a week or more. That’s because most finance people only report what happened previously and provide little insight into what will be happening. They don’t help you plan for the future, leaving you wondering what could happen.

It’s hard to leave for vacation with significant angst about your company finances.

If that’s the case for you, I would love to tell you about steps you can take now to truly enjoy a vacation in 2023. Let’s talk. Shoot me a message.

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