If You Are So Smart, Why Aren’t You Rich?

If you are so smart, why aren’t you rich?

My question is directed to business owners, who often shrink when I tell them I am a financial recruiter.

I have all the respect in the world for people who can start and run a business; they create jobs and are the life blood of the US economy.

But I don’t understand the aversion of business owners to finance or to recruiters, because a weak finance function can significantly reduce their company’s profitability and valuation, if they want to sell.

If you are willing to consider what I am saying, download my paper – https://bondandcompany.com/resource/5-financial-levers-that-help-business-owners-sleep-better/ – which gives you case histories outlining the success some of my clients had after I helped them hire and retain better financial professionals.

If you download the paper, I will not get any information about you, not even your email.

Think about it – wouldn’t you like to be richer?


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