If Basketball Has Taught Me One Thing, It’s This…

By Rich Bond

If basketball has taught me one thing, it’s this: It’s not about star players. It’s about the team…

One of the great appeals of basketball is that a less talented team can still win, if they work together.

The “star” players usually have impressive scoring records but may not excel in defense and are prone to turnovers.

The core skills of basketball, such as rebounding, court running, defense, and setting screens, are more important than glamorous stats like high scoring averages. Assists, though less valued than points, are crucial in setting up scores.

I especially enjoy watching women’s basketball (particularly UConn) because it resembles the game I grew up with – pre-2000s.

Did you know that almost 90% of women college basketball players graduate, compared to just 50% of men? Women are true student-athletes, while many men are just athletes pretending to be students.

I see similarities between a successful basketball team and a successful business. Both require a diverse group with unique skills, knowledge, and talent to achieve success.

A star entrepreneur is nothing without the right support from the management team and employees.

Are you a basketball fan? What are your thoughts? Email me: richard.bond@bondandcompany.com.

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