I Was a Blackberry Dodo. Are You a Financial Dinosaur?

By Rich Bond

In 2022 I was forced to give up my beloved Blackberry, as my provider was no longer supporting it.  Reluctantly, I replaced with it an iPhone.

As time has passed, my iPhone became an indispensable tool because I could do so many things better than I was able to previously.

My reluctance to change my cell phone makes me sympathetic to the many owners and presidents of private businesses who are reluctant to make any changes in their finance function.

In many cases, they are still using the rudimentary bookkeeping system they started with, even though their company has grown and matured. When the finance function does not evolve with the company, the result is reduced profits and limited growth, making it hard for owners to work “ON” their business, rather than “IN” their business. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Blackberry was a transformative product that even newer technology made obsolete.  Like the Blackberry in its day, and now the Android and iPhones, innovative finance software that’s cheaper and better, as well as innovative practices, have transformed finance for many companies. The businesses that have made the switch find that their head of finance has become a true strategic partner to management.

I was forced to switch my phone “cold turkey”.  I can help you evolve your finance function with minimal pain and dislocation by working with you to evaluate your options.

Please feel free to call or email me for a no-obligation call to help you determine if finance is helping or hurting your business. Richard.bond@bondandcompany.com.

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