How To Get Unstuck in Your Career, Especially If You’re a Woman.

By Rich Bond

It’s amazing that the same advice needs to be given over and over, decade after decade. But here we are again with a new article from Treasa Fitzgibbon telling women how to get ahead.

Writing in “Treasury Today,” Ms. Fitzgibbon points out that we can’t change the systemic bias we face, but we can change our own behavior, like not getting stuck in non-promotable positions.

I believe the easiest way to get promoted is to add value. People who can show they improved the area they worked in deserve to be promoted. If they are not promoted, they can change jobs.

Working in Accounts Receivable might seem to be a non-promotable role, but if you can demonstrate that you reduced Days Sales Outstanding or reduced customer deductions, then you are a valuable employee.

Ms. Fitzgibbon said, “Women should see their performance review as an opportunity to highlight how they have achieved specific KPIs.”

Unfortunately, I agree with her that women often don’t do a very good job of selling themselves or taking credit for the work they have done. As Sheryl Sandberg said in her book, you need to “Lean In.”

Here’s a perfect example:

> When she was a work-study student, my wife, Lyn, ran a social services agency for six months after the director disappeared.

> When the board started the process of finding a replacement, I asked Lyn if she was going to apply. She said, “If they wanted me, they would ask.” Big mistake!

> I pushed her to apply, and she finally did.

> She landed the role and did a super job.

Think you’re stuck in your career? Message me. Let’s talk about what you can do to move ahead where you are or look for a position where your contributions are valued.

How to activate your career; avoid non-promotable work and focus on performance reviews

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