How to Get Free of Bookkeeping with ERP

Problem: A rapidly growing company with sales of $100 million had purchased a new state-of-the-art, small-enterprise Enterprise Resource Planning (“ERP”) system. But the company’s accounting system was still stuck at the “bookkeeping” stage they had been at for years, using their old Peachtree System.

Situation: The company realized they needed someone who could make the new ERP system fully functional. They had talked to over 30 potential candidates, who were accountants and power users of the ERP package, about filling their newly created position. While these candidates knew how to use the new package, they did not know how to effect the necessary process improvements to make it work for the company.

Solution: Bond & Company realized the new position was actually a systems job, not an accounting job, and searched for a person whose expertise matched the newly defined criteria. Our client hired the first individual we sent them. This person had 10 years of experience making the ERP package fully functional in other companies, plus a basic knowledge of accounting. She was a systems person first, and accountant second. Most importantly, she possessed the expertise and experience to solve the client’s problem.

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