Hire Slow, Fire Fast

Melissa Kwan, CEO of eWebinar, said she could have saved her company $450,000, if she had only fired five people more quickly.


Even smart people make hiring mistakes.  But this article on MSN.com points out the high cost of not acting quickly enough to remedy those mistakes. Kwan says she needs to remember to hire slow and fire fast.

Some of Kwan’s employee problems could have been avoided to begin with, if she hadn’t gone with her “gut”.

I believe that hiring well is a learned skill, but it’s also a crucial process that needs to codified and structured.

I have been a recruiter for 35+ years. Over that time, I’ve used my successes and failures to structure a 5- step process – Smarter Search – that has helped me – and my clients – to cut the percentage of hiring mistakes and increase the percentage of hires who stay with the organization long enough to get promoted and make contributions that increase company profitability.

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