Financial Meetings Don’t Have To Be Like a Root Canal…

By Rich Bond

A great financial person – like a Controller or CFO – can boil down complex numbers into bite-sized nuggets of insight that will drive your business forward.

In my family’s temporary business, my father, my brother, and I had monthly 30-minute check-ins to go over a one-page report that included some financial information, but concentrated on key operational statistics.

My dad, a seasoned Controller with over 25 years of experience, loved the efficiency.  My brother wasn’t comfortable with the numbers.

The report eliminated contentious, time-wasting meetings and got straight to the point.

So, don’t let mind-numbing financial reports have you reaching for the Advil.

Let’s chat about finding the right financial person to help you make informed decisions for your business.

Who knows, financial meetings might just become your new favorite thing (I won’t hold my breath).

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