Effective treasury people today utilize the myriad of new treasury products and services to reduce operating costs and provide the infrastructure necessary to efficiently growth the business without undertaking undo risk or exposures.  Smart, effective treasury people spend less time on process because of automation and more time helping operations move ahead with new and expanded infrastructure.

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We are treasury recruiting experts. Our focus is on placing experts who can effect significant change in the organization. Our experience enables us to help you fill your position with fewer interviews, while virtually guaranteeing that the person you hire will do the job well enough to be promoted. Here’s why:

  1. We speak “Treasury”.
    • We understand the difference between cash management and capital markets.
    • We have made over 80 placements at companies of all sizes. Some of our larger clients include: Pepsi, Marsh & McLennan, Cameron International, McGraw-Hill and the PwC Treasury consulting practice – Financial Risk Management.
  1. We understand which companies have strong treasury groups. We know where to look for candidates.
    • We can find candidates with leading-edge skills and experience.
    • We identify individuals with quantified accomplishments, such as cost savings and/or process improvements.
  1. We understand the need for IT-savvy candidates.
    • To be successful in treasury you don’t need to write code, but you need to be able to get the system or software package to provide actionable analyses.
    • We identify candidates with transferable skills.
  1. We are active participants in the treasury arena and have good contacts who can give us insights into the market and refer other treasury professionals to us.
    • Rich Bond was a past session leader at the NY Cash Exchange.
    • He has had articles published in TMA Journal and Journal of Corporate Treasury Management.
  1. We will help you problem-solve the job you are looking to fill. For most recruiters a treasury assignment is an On-the-Job exercise. Instead, we will work with you to define the position and find the right person to fill it.

Here is what our experience can mean for you:

We placed a payment cards specialist at a transportation company who reduced costs by over $2 million (on a $20 million budget) – without sacrificing service – by making more appropriate supplier and service selections.

We found a capital markets person who set up a derivatives book to swap fixed-rate term debt for floating short-term paper, earning the business over $2 million.

We recruited a smart treasurer for a growing company who helped increase international revenues from less than 10 percent of total sales to over 30 percent in four years.