“Rich was my go-to source for hiring great finance people when I worked at Black & Decker and was CFO/COO for Thule.  We have continued to work together now that I am a consultant.” – Steve Huff, The Huff Group LLC

The people we recruit help management analyze what will be happening going forward, rather than simply reporting what happened in the past. They help management help make the changes necessary to improve the future results.

Because most businesses are generally employing fewer people in finance, it has become crucial to carefully define the reason why someone is being hired and what that new person is expected to accomplish. We seek to work in partnership with management to problem-solve the hiring process, so that whoever is hired will help drive positive change and growth.

As a result, over 50% of the people we have placed over the years are still with their organization after five years, with almost every one of these longer-term hires having been promoted at least once.

Our Process:

We use relevant criteria to screen and evaluate candidates. We will only work with candidates with quantified accomplishments.

  • Individuals need to prove that they have shortened the reporting cycle, reduced costs, produced cost savings, or lowered inventories.
  • We look for candidates who have helped management identify the customers and products that generate good margins and can potentially be grown profitably.
  • Candidates we send for review have highlighted for their management customers who are a losing proposition and should either be replaced or dealt with on a different basis.
We placed a new controller at an undercapitalized company with sales of $30 million. Once in place, he reduced inventories by over $1 million, while increasing on-time order fill-rate from 85% to 90%.
In another case, we placed a manufacturing finance manager who suggested a new plant location methodology that helped double sales of a “value brand” in less than five years.