Does Your Resume Reflect What You Can Really Do?

By Rich Bond

Over the years I’ve have had the opportunity to review countless resumes and meet many talented candidates. However, I have noticed that despite their impressive qualifications and professional experience, that a lot of candidates share a common issue: Their resumes are mediocre and fail to communicate the candidates’ true potential.


That’s why I developed a firm belief in the power of coaching and mentoring. I prefer to invest my time with a few really good people, whom I can get to know and whom I can coach. Instead of simply recruiting a large number of job seekers and sending them to clients, I prefer to present a few select individuals whom I am sure will meet the needs of the hiring company.


Yes, it takes A LOT more effort, but I firmly believe that it ultimately leads to better outcomes for everyone involved.


Many job seekers simply list their past employment and job duties on their resumes. But I believe that it’s crucial for individuals to be able to articulate the specific contributions and value they have added to their previous employers.


  • Instead of just listing job titles and responsibilities, focus on highlighting your quantified accomplishments, such as increased sales, streamlined processes, and cost savings.
  • Show potential employers how you have positively impacted previous companies to give them a better understanding of the value you can bring to their organization.


The approach I take in coaching and mentoring my candidates has yielded impressive results. My candidates have been able to secure an offer for every four interviews they attend, which is a testament to their abilities, preparedness, and appropriateness for the role.


But the benefits don’t stop there, the process also benefits the hiring companies. Individuals that I have placed have consistently improved profits by significant amounts, ranging from $100,000 to $100 million annually. This more than justifies the hiring process and investment. Additionally, an overwhelming majority of candidates placed by me have remained with the organization for at least five years, and many of them have been promoted within the company.


My approach is designed to not only find the right fit for the candidate but also for the organization in the long run, which is evident from these statistics.

Do you think most resumes are an accurate depiction of the person who is searching for a new position?

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