Does Your Business Keep You Up at Night?

By Rich Bond

Many business owners and company presidents tell me their financial results give them sleepless nights.

If that is the case for you, the disappointing financial performance could be a direct result of the information used for decision making. Most private business only get financial information about what has happened –  with little or no information about what will be happening or how that could be improved.

There is a better way. Here’s an example:

  • In his first year on the job, the controller we placed at a company helped reduce inventories by $1 million, while increasing the on-time order fill-rate.  Company sales, which had stagnated at $30 million, grew to $50 million. No more sleepless nights!
  • The new controller worked with operations to deploy inventory more efficiently, reducing the stock on slower moving items, while increasing the inventory on faster moving items.
  • Freeing up $1 million in working capital allowed the company to make investments that grew the business.

If your financial results are keeping you up at night, I would be happy to share with you 5 case histories of how finance helped privately owned businesses grow profits and increase their enterprise value.

Just email me at, and I’ll send the paper “5 Financial Levers that Can Help Business Owners Sleep Better” to you directly. Or you can click on this link and download it directly from the Resources section of this website:

After you read it, I would love your feedback.

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