Does Your Business Give You Heartburn? 

By Rich Bond

Many business owners and company presidents tell me their financial results give them heartburn.

Disappointing financial performance is often a direct result of the information used for decision making. Most private business only get financial information about what has happened –  with little or no information about what will be happening or how that could be improved.

There is a better way.

Here’s an example: In his first year on the job, the controller we placed at a company helped reduce inventories by $1 million, while increasing the on-time order fill-rate.  Company sales, which had stagnated at $30 million, grew to $50 million. Heartburn relieved!

The new controller worked with operations to deploy inventory more efficiently, reducing the stock on slower moving items, while increasing the inventory on faster moving items.

Freeing up $1 million in working capital allowed the company to make investments which grew the business.

If your financial results give you heartburn, I would be happy to share with you 5 case histories of how finance helped privately owned businesses grow profits and increase their enterprise value.


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