Do You Know What You’re Looking For?

By Rich Bond

If you don’t know what you are looking for, you won’t find it.

Here’s what I mean…


A company in a neighboring town had been advertising a newly created Accounting Systems Manager position for months. They interviewed over 30 potential candidates but were not even close to hiring someone.

I contacted the company and suggested that they were looking for the wrong kind of candidate.

They were talking to accountants who had knowledge of systems.  What they really needed was a systems person with some knowledge of accounting.

The company hired the first candidate I sent them.

In less than a year, she had their brand-new ERP system producing much better financial information than they had ever had before, making their significant investment in the system pay off.

Successful recruiting starts with understanding what the position entails, a definition of success, and a logical plan to get there.

I call this recruiting system “Smarter Search.”

Using Smarter Search, I help companies hire candidates with a high chance of success, while spending less time recruiting.

Sound interesting? Let me know if we can work smarter together.


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