Could the Value of Your Company Triple?

By Rich Bond

A packaging company in the northeast first asked me to find a new controller and then changed the assignment to finding someone for their newly created pricing slot. Like most companies in their industry, this firm’s prices had remained static or declined as they aggressively pursued customers, whether they were profitable or not. This company’s stock was so undervalued, they had become a likely takeover target.  Hiring a pricing person was a last-ditch effort to help the company remain independent.

The individual I placed led a team who emphasized products that had proprietary positions in the market. The company was able to sell more of these products at higher prices.

The impact was truly transformational. Overall, the company was able to increase prices by $100 million/year. And their stock more than tripled.

Could your company be on the verge of greatness?

If you believe that your company has good people and products but is generating mediocre results, you may need a proactive pricing expert or a savvy finance executive to help identify and exploit the proper profit levers.

Let’s talk. In 30 minutes or less, I can help you determine if finance is helping or hurting your company’s value. Message me.

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