CAREER ADVICE – Don’t Be a Lemming!

By Rich Bond

Lemmings, little artic rodents, are known for following their leader in masses, even if it is off a cliff and into the sea.

Most job seekers inadvertently exhibit lemming-like behavior.

I particularly see this with resumes.  A candidate with a mediocre resume will tell me he got his last job with this same resume. It even looks like several of his friends’ resumes.


To get hired today, you need don’t just need to pass the initial AI screening with keywords. You need to distinguish yourself from the competition, particularly if you are looking for a promotion or more money.

Most resumes I see today are largely a listing of responsibilities, which are just words.

A person who replaces some of his/her responsibilities with accomplishments – actions – is much more likely to get hired.

Here’s an example:

  • Someone looking for a job as a plant or regional controller could say they are responsible for Cost Accounting (boring).
  • But to stand out, it’s better to relate an accomplishment such as:
    • “Identified $500,000 in labor savings related to overtime and drove the implementation of the new process and procedures”.

If you are a finance or treasury professional looking for career advancement, send me your resume, and we can talk about some non-conventional job search strategies.

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