Are Your “Street Smarts” Hurting Your Company’s Bottom Line?

Most business owners cringe when I tell them I am a financial recruiter because they would rather not talk about, or deal with, finance.

When I joined Seagram in the finance department many years ago, the people in senior roles, most of whom came out of sales, didn’t want to talk to me either.

They felt they knew everything about the liquor business and that a young MBA could only cause problems.

I swore that many of these people would have been dealing 3 Card Monte on 53rd Street, if they weren’t selling liquor.

But their so-called street smarts weren’t working. Seagram sales were eroding, and the bottom line was crashing.

Through persistence on my part and desperation on their part, some others and I were able change the way Seagram did business. The emphasis changed from how much they could sell at any price to how much they could sell of the higher-priced, more profitable items.

When the founding family finally sold the business, Seagram was worth five times what it was when I joined the business.

Is it possible that your street smarts are costing you money?  If so, I invite you to call me to discuss how you can remedy the situation.

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