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Bond & Company’s aim is to help you, our candidates and clients, navigate the job market as quickly as possible with the least amount of pain (time and effort). To that end, we’re sharing our knowledge with you through blogs, videos, articles and white papers. We’ve developed our philosophy and built our knowledge base over the past 25 years of recruiting experience.

  • We truly believe that the job search process, as well as the hiring process, can be a productive learning exercise.
  • We have concentrated our recruiting in narrower, niche-oriented spaces in finance and pricing where intellectual capital is an important determinant of success or failure.
  • We have tried whenever possible to be "students" of the disciplines in which we recruit. We have also invested a lot of time and effort in learning about our clients – what they do and how they do it. We feel that being more knowledgeable makes us more effective.
  • We look to work smarter, not harder. We look for candidates to do the same. We try to evaluate candidates on what they have accomplished because that is the best indication of future performance.
  • We seek to help our clients hire people who will help grow the business and improve profitability.

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