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Was Your Last Treasury Recruitment A Long, Painful Process?


Over the years, treasurers and HR professionals have told us that filling treasury roles can be a long and frustrating process. We are treasury recruiting experts. Our experience enables us to help you fill your position with fewer interviews, while virtually guaranteeing that the person you hire will do the job well enough to be promoted. Here is what our experience will mean for you:

  1. We speak “Treasury”.
    • We have made 75 placements at clients including: Pepsi, Marsh & McLennan, Cameron International, McGraw-Hill and the PwC Treasury consulting practice – Financial Risk Management.
    • We understand the difference between cash management and capital markets.
  2. We understand which companies have strong treasury groups. We know where to look.
    • We can find candidates with leading-edge skills and experience.
    • We identify individuals with quantified accomplishments, such as cost savings and/or process improvements.
  3. We understand the need for IT-savvy candidates.
    • To be successful in treasury you don’t need to write code, but you need to be able to get the system or software package to provide actionable analyses.
    • We identify candidates with transferable skills.
  4. We are active participants in the treasury arena and have good contacts who can give us insights into the market and refer other treasury professionals to us.
    • Rich Bond was a past session leader at the NY Cash Exchange.
    • He has had articles published in TMA Journal and Journal of Corporate Treasury Management.
  5. We will help you problem-solve the job you are looking to fill. For most recruiters a treasury assignment is an On-the-Job exercise. Let us put our experience to work for you.

Learn how Bond & Company placed treasury experts who helped solve a problem.


Problem: An expanding public Houston-based Energy Services Company, doing 75% of its business outside of North America, wanted to hire someone to upgrade its Foreign Exchange Hedging processes. The treasurer had very limited FX experience himself, so he needed to hire someone who could work relatively independently and had in-depth knowledge of FX best practices.

Situation: We talked to many local candidates but were unable to find someone who had the skill set and experience necessary to fill this slot. The good local candidates were either overqualified for this job (making more money) or didn’t have a broad enough background to set up the new processes required.

Solution: We recruited a University of Texas graduate who had worked for a major tech company in the Pacific Northwest for six years almost exclusively doing FX hedging. This individual was interested in relocating to the Houston area where both he and his wife grew up, and he was a renter, so he could relocate cheaply and quickly. This person was interested in being “a bigger fish in a smaller but growing pond”. Since being hired, he has done an outstanding job and eliminated millions of dollars in potential FX loses.


Problem: Our client had been looking for almost a year for a Senior Manager/Director of Capital Markets but seemed no closer to making a hire than when they started.

Situation: The hiring manager said that the candidates we and others had recruited were good, but not good enough to be hired. The feedback we were getting through HR was NOT actionable. Accordingly, we suggested a meeting of all parties.

Solution: We were able to fill the job six weeks later because we learned at the meeting that the hiring manager needed someone with strong experience in derivatives, which previously had not been listed in the job description or mentioned in any conversations. The woman we placed was using derivatives as part of the Asset Liability management process for a bank holding company. This woman set up a derivatives book which swapped billions of dollars of fixed-rate, long-term debt for short-term, floating-rate paper, saving millions of dollars in interest costs each year. This woman was promoted several times.

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