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Why Use Bond & Company? The Answer: For Our Expertise In Your Area

“If I had known it was going to be this easy, I would have called you a long time ago.” – Corporate Treasurer & Divisional CFO, Fortune 500 Company.

Bond & Company has 25 years of successful finance placements. We feel that most of our success is based on our problem-solving methodology and a commitment to recruiting and placing individuals with quantified accomplishments. We believe that our candidates more than pay for themselves and for the fee we charge.

We also realize companies can often fill many finance roles on their own without using recruiters or search firms.

Companies normally come to us to work on newer, more unusual roles that are tougher to fill because the demand for candidates normally exceeds the supply.

Consequently, the unusual, tough-to-fill position for most companies is our bread and butter. We specialize in problematic recruitments.

We think our expertise in the more unusual mission-critical roles is a great value to our clients. We can fill these jobs relatively quickly and require much less management time, which should really be devoted instead to business issues with a higher payout where management expertise can be better utilized.

We can find the individual you want to hire in six weeks – not six months – and do it with four interviews not 20. Your time is valuable! The person we help you find will be able to address your critical problem that much more quickly.

The sections below are areas that we work on frequently where we have developed particular expertise. In these niches we are particularly effective, as we know what the characteristics are which the best candidates have, and we know where to find them. We can quickly tell you if this is a local search or if you need to be more flexible about your geographical parameters. We hope you will want to put our expertise to work to turn your problem into a hiring opportunity that will drive positive change and help improve profitability.

Definition of Niche Recruiting Expertise

The ability to fill a role quickly with what appears to be limited effort, while others struggle to do this over a long period time (and probably don’t do it well).

Put our expertise to work for you:

  • Treasury
  • Financial Planning
  • Supply Chain Finance
  • Pricing
  • Smaller Companies Finance
Give us a call at 800.472.4028 to talk about your particular circumstances. We’d love to see if we can help each other.

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