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March 28, 2012
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Rich’s Rules and Observations on the 2012 Job Market

  1. The job market is in disequilibrium.
    • What is in supply has little demand.
    • What is in demand has limited supply.
  2. There are tips and tricks that can help an individual better position him or herself in the category where demand exceeds the supply.
  3. There are also rules that potential job seekers can use to identify companies that are likely to be hiring and those that can create the best opportunities for growth and advancement.
  4. Growth covers a lot of sins. Growing companies need new and different skills but can offer great opportunities.

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March 28, 2012
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Hire Better, Work Smarter

Your success depends less on what you do than on what your team achieves. That means you need to hire well.

Bond & Company's blog, "Hire Better, Work Smarter", will help you do just that. We'll give you practical, how-to advice on finding the best candidates and making the best hires. We’ll also talk about job and company issues we see in the course of our work.

Just because a manager is good at his or her job does not mean he (or she) is good at hiring. And as the Wall Street Journal pointed out, "The deep, dark secret of human resources is that traditional job interviews don’t work very well." HR can even be part of the problem, not the solution.

Join us for a different, contrarian perspective, honed over 25 years of making successful placements. You'll get tips and tricks about screening candidates, interviewing, making the offer, and getting your new hire off to a strong start.

Hire the best people you can. Your career depends on it.

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